Why Fire Door Armor?


Fire Door Armor™ is a program, not just a product

Fire Door Armor™ is not just a barricade product. With Fire Door Solutions’ subject matter expertise inspecting and repairing commercial fire doors, Fire Door Armor is a program: a program that ensures proper integration of a door barricade into the complete life safety plans and protocols on a campus. Egress must protect in case of fire and security-in place must protect in case of an active shooter. Door assemblies are designed to provide both functions.

Fire Door Armor™ is strong

Fire Door Armor™ is a complete active shooter Intelligent, Breachable Barricade Solution. Made in the U.S.A from stainless steel, its ability to sustain tons of force from the opposite side of the door, and its readiness in seconds provides safety when it counts™ by creating time and distance between your loved ones and an active shooter.

Fire Door Armor™ is easy to use

Once installed at the bottom of the door leaf near the floor, it is ready for use any time. The device’s intuitive design and ease of use afford the ability to operate the unit with no training required.

Fire Door Armor™ preserves egress in case of fire

Fire Marshals insist on code enforcement and current fire codes require single-motion egress. In its resting position on the door, single-motion egress is not impaired. If actuated during a simultaneous fire/active shooter emergency, a manual and easy second-motion for egress is required. Several state fire marshals have already written waivers for this door-mounted barricade due to its effectiveness and ease of operation.


Fire Door Armor™ notifies authorities immediately

Experts say the first eight seconds of an active shooter emergency are critical. The Fire Door Armor Intelligent Barricade Solution™ provides Instant-upon-Actuation™ wifi alert (patent pending) to any school’s mass notification platform in an active shooter emergency.

Fire Door Armor™ will respond seriously to mischief or misuse; protecting its intended use

Any door barricade is subject to misuse and mischief. Any lifting of the barricade blade from its resting position will provide an Instant-upon-Actuation™ wifi alert to any schools' mass notification platform. Like actuating a fire alarm pull through mischief, it will alert security and authorities independent of the source of the actuation.

Fire Door Armor™ can be breached from opposite side of door using proprietary tool

In the case where the danger or threat is inside a classroom when the barrier is actuated, Fire Door Armor offers a uniquely-engineered breach tool (patent pending) that opens the door from the opposite side of the barricade in seconds in less time that it takes to get your keys from your pocket and open a locked-from-the-outside classroom door. The Fire Door Armor Breachable Barricade Solution™ gives to school administrators and local first responders immediate access to a classroom where either the threat is in the classroom, or the barricade was misused.

Fire Door Armor™ is affordable, and may be delivered at no cost to a school or school district

The Fire Door Armor Community Funding School Lease Program / Adopt-a-Door program allows school districts to spread the cost of the hardware, installation, periodic inspections, and monitoring over as few as five years; minimizing the cash outlay for the door barricade program. Additionally, with the Fire Door Armor Adopt-a-Door program, families and friends can contribute around $35 / year to adopt a door and make the net cost to the school district zero!

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