Fire Door Armor™ - Safety When It Counts™

Nothing is more terrifying than to hear of an active shooter event through breaking news - unless you are a victim of one. Just hearing of an event, we immediately think of the safety and lives of our own children, friends, and family who might be caught in one. Fire Door Armor™(patent pending), a complete active shooter Breachable Barricade Solution, was created to provide Instant-upon-Actuation™ immediate mass notification and to provide secure-in-place safety for those caught in an active shooter emergency, and peace of mind for loved ones.

Fire Door Armor™ is simple to actuate. It's manual, intuitive and can be initiated by a Kindergartener in case of an emergency. There is no going to another part of a room to retrieve a barricade, or any requirement to use a complicated tool to actuate it. It is a Complete Active Shooter Barricade Solution™ with Intelligent Barricade Solution™, it provides Instant-upon-Actuation™ wifi alert to any schools mass notification platform. The complete Fire Door Armor™ solution provides Safety When It Counts™.


Fire Door Armor

© Fire Door Armor™ door barricade. Made in the USA.

Fire Door Armor

Program and Features:

  • The barricade engages in one second - by a Kindergartener.

  • In its resting position on the door, single-motion egress is fully functional for exit in case of fire.

  • Can withstand several tons of sustained force from opposite side of door.

  • Installed by certified installers, with door pre-inspection and post-installation inspection.

  • Recommended for classrooms, offices, bathrooms, assembly areas, or other designated safe rooms.

  • The barricade is part of a total secure-in-place program to be integrated with campus life safety drills and protocols.

  • Complete program, hardware, installation, inspection, and monitoring is affordable through Community Funding School District Lease Program encouraging parent, family, and corporate participation and sponsorship.



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